Air Purification Products For Better Indoor Air Quality

18 Jan

An air purifier or air conditioner is a portable device that removes pollutants in the air in a given room to increase indoor air quality. These devices are most commonly sold as being helpful to allergy sufferers, asthma patients, and people who have second hand smoke. But they can also have other uses such as cleaning electronic equipment, purifying water used for bathing, and even controlling excessive noise. It is usually placed next to the air source of the appliance so it can be started immediately. Read more here.

The most common type of portable air purifiers is the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. It can easily remove dust particles and even microscopic germs. Some models also feature a germicidal UV lamp that kills bacteria and viruses. Some come with ultraviolet germicidal head that helps kill mold and algae spores. HEPA filters do not release ozone or other chemical irritants that could irritate the respiratory system.

Another type is the tio2 filtration system. It has been designed especially to combat airborne allergens. These filters use two steps to get rid of airborne allergens. First, they physically block particles by forming a micron filter. The second step is to use UV light to kill microorganisms and eliminate excess air pollution by turning the particles black.

Tio2 filtration has the added advantage of being able to break down larger particles such as pollen and lessens the need for ozone. Because ultraviolet light doesn't directly harm the body, it does not cause sunburns. It also does not produce any harmful chemicals such as those formed by carbon filters. Some types are equipped with catalytic molecules that actually generate heat inside the filters. These catalytic molecules help break down volatile organic compounds in the air such as pesticides. They then reduce airborne particles that contain VOCs or vaporized chemicals.

One type of air purification that works well for allergy sufferers is HEPA filters. Some are portable, since they are light and can be carried around. Portable humidifiers can be used to dry up skin irritations and relieve nasal congestion. Humidifiers with HEPA filters also work well for dust control. Find out also about humidity control.

There are also newer types of air purification technology that use ductwork filters to clean the air indoors. This technology reduces allergens and bacteria by capturing them on the filter's surface. Ductwork filters are now used to clean up indoor air quality because they do not get dirty or clogged easily. Since most ductwork is behind walls, this is one type of purifier that can easily be installed.

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